xenero sydney web & app design

xenero sydney web & app design

singapore is amazing for food, there’s everydifferent type of cuisine you could imagine and you can really feast there. i particularlylike some of the atmospheric places down by the river – indochine, cafe, restaurants onthe water there. dining in singapore, where do you begin? there’s so many options, somany different areas, you’ve got little india and arab street. they’ve also got an amazingdumpling chain called din tai fung, which make the most famous dumplings in the world.the flight crew like to go to a place called fatty’s it’s a place we’ve been going to sincei joined qantas 30 years ago, and it’s chinese seafood – it’s brilliant, beautiful. one greatarea is in the business district which is called lau pa sat and there they have streetstalls that sells satays and all kinds of

seafood which is pretty good. there’s thecasino building which has a great rooftop bar, there is waku ghin which is tetsuya’srestaurant which is in there, which i think is limited to 24 people, very exclusive, haven’tdone it myself, but i believe it’s one of those things that is probably once in a lifetime.a good place for dining is maggie’s it’s a very popular crew haunt, chilli prawns andchill crab meat. you should definitely visit the ion orchard shopping mall, the food courtdown there is amazing with everything from crispy pork to the signature dish which isthe hainan chicken rice. spoilt for choice! you can eat upmarket or you can eat the stalls,doesn’t matter where you go, it’s fantastic, singapore is destination number one for foodin asia.

xenero sydney web & app design

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