what’s the best web design app

what’s the best web design app

– most design software these days has moved to being availableon a subscription model, meaning that you pay monthly or yearly and you get upgrades asthe software is improved, rather than just purchasingoutright, one specific version of the softwareand owning that for life. this model has its pros and cons. on the plus side, it’s good to be able to keep up with

the latest releases easily without having to fork out for a whole new version of the software. but then also paying every single month, these costs can really add up. you’re paying for access, rather than paying to own the software. really though, we don’t have a choice, because, like i said, most design software

is moving towards thatsubscription model these days. so, for this video i’ve decided to do a bit of a stock take of the apps & software that i’m subscribed to and tell you a bit about them. the most expensive software i use is adobe creative cloud and it’s kind of fair enough that it’s the most expensive,

because it’s also probably the one that i use the most. i actually got a freeyear’s subscription to this at vidcon, which is pretty exciting, but when that runs out, i’m going to be having topay 45 pounds 73 a month, which is obviously quite steep. i also have a subscriptionto this through work, but obviously work pays forthe one that i use there.

adobe does offer a muchcheaper subscription if you only want to use one or two apps. i think you can pay like15 pounds or something per app to access them. but, i end up usingphotoshop, illustrator, indesign, adobe premier, after effects, maybe lightroom everynow and then as well. so, it’s worth it for meto have the full package. i know some people havestuck with the older versions

before they moved tothe subscription model, but i do think that theupdates that they’ve done in creative cloud are worth it. things run much smoother and much better and there’s much better features now. so, i think it’s worth it ifyou do design professionally. and if you’re still studying, they do have a student price as well, i’m not quite sure what it is,

but i know it’s a lot cheaperthan 45 pounds a month. up until a few years ago, adobe was actually the only design software that i really used, butthen sketch came along. and i’ve done a video all about sketch. like a 101 tutorial, that i’lllink to on a card up there for you to go watch. this is what i use for web design. sketch fairly recently moved to a more

subscription type model. but it’s kind of differentto how adobe does it. instead of paying for access, you’re paying for upgrades in a way. you pay $99 and thatgives you a year’s worth of upgrades. at the end of that year, you can just keep using thesoftware as much as you want, you just don’t get theupgrades from then on

if you don’t wanna keep paying for them. i really like this model they’ve chosen. because it means that it’s much easier for people to access the software without having to basically commit themselves to a lifetime of paying for it. but then, professionals are obviously going to keep upgrading, and keep paying per year,

because they want touse the latest updates and the latest features. i love sketch. it’s a huge help to my web design process and i’m going to be makingmore videos about it for sure, with some more tips and tricks and things. so, let me know what you’dlike to know about it, i suppose, and i’ll makesure that’s included in the video.

next up, something else iuse at work is invision. and this is a web app service, i guess you’d call it, for prototyping and gatheringfeedback on designs. you upload your webdesigns into the software, you can make linksclickable to jump around between pages. you can make little notesso that when you send it to someone they’vegot some context behind

what you were doing in specific parts and people that you share itwith can also leave comments, which is really useful. i use this for gatheringall feedback on my designs, so that everything is in one place. at work, we’re on the $25 plan which gives us unlimited prototypes, but they do have cheaper ones as well. and you can actuallyuse it for free if you

just have one project thatyou need to put in there. another one at work is the noun project. noun project is a site where people upload vector icons for different things and you can just searchfor whatever object that you need an icon for and there’ll be many differentoptions to choose from. they’re mostly available under the creative commonslicense if you want

to just use them for free, but if you’d like to just use them in your project without havingto put the little line of credit anywhere, then you can subscribe to noun pro. you pay a fee of $9.99i think it is per month, and you get access to allof the icons you want. i prefer to create my own icons, but i often use this as a starting point,

as a reference or forquick things to go on social media for examplethat don’t need me to spend a lot of time on them if there’s already somethingthat’s perfectly suitable waiting in the noun project. next up is teuxdeux, which just like it sounds,is a to do list app. i first started usingthis when you just paid a fee to download the iphone app

and then you could access it. they moved to a subscription model though, to be able to keep funding it and keep developing it. and it’s only $2 a monthwhich is pretty cheap. it does sound strange, i know, that i pay to use a to do list app, because i know that there are many, many free ones out there,

but honestly, this is the one i love. this is the one that keeps me organized, so i’m perfectly happyto pay that $2 a month to be able to use it. the last app i’m subscribedto isn’t design software, but i guess it’s kindof about productivity, and that is spotify. i find that having musicon in the background is vital to my design process.

it can help block out therest of the office noise. it can help me focus. you know, i’ve got certain play lists that if i need to get inspired or if i need to concentrate, and that’s why i’mincluding it in this video. and that is nine pounds 99 a month. so that is the softwarethat i’m subscribed to, i’d love to hear if your list is similar.

if there’s other thingsthat you pay for monthly or yearly that perhaps i didn’t mention, leave them down below in the comments, that’d be interesting to hear about. i am going to be doinganother video in the series all about the free apps that i use as part of my process, so stay tuned for that. give this video a thumbsup if you enjoyed it.

and if you’re new to my channel, please make sure you subscribe because i make new videos aboutdesign every single week. and i guess i will seeyou in the next one. bye.

what’s the best web design app

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